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TT - 990G - MFA05

Size: Night Stand
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Transform your room and infuse it with mid-century flair using our 2-Drawer Night Stand. With its distressed grey wood finish, retro drawer pulls, and versatile storage options, it’s the perfect blend of style and function. Discover timeless elegance and reliability in a nightstand that adds character to your space, all while embracing the charm of a bygone era.

Retro Charm:
Elevate your space with the enchanting allure of mid-century design. Our 2-Drawer Night Stand boasts a stunning distressed grey wood finish that exudes the nostalgic charm of the era. The retro-inspired drawer pulls add the perfect finishing touch, making this piece a true standout in any room.

Versatile Storage:
Stay organized with style. This nightstand features two spacious drawers, providing ample storage space for all your bedside essentials. From books and reading glasses to charging cables and more, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Durable Craftsmanship:
We take pride in crafting furniture that’s not just visually appealing but built to last. Our nightstand is designed with sturdy materials and precision craftsmanship, ensuring that it remains a reliable and long-lasting addition to your bedroom.

Distressed Grey Wood Finish:
The distressed grey wood finish is the epitome of vintage charm. It adds a touch of rustic sophistication to your space, making this nightstand a versatile addition to various decor styles. The distressed look provides character and a sense of history to your room.

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